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Our Business developing the Image content industry in Korea

Our Growth Story

  • Company StoryTONGRO enterprise into the global In the analog age of Korean image industry, 1995,
    TongRo Images initiated digital image licensing business
    by the release of the first digital photo library CD
    named “Photo Library 1000” into Korean market.
    With its rapid business growth, TongRo Images has
    grown into the leading contents provider
    not only in Korea but also all around the world.
  • Revenue Growth

  • The growth of Contents published

  • Content StoryA single image can change the world. Since the first photo CD was released in 1995,
    we have released various kinds of collections constantly.
    Currently we are cooperating with distinguished
    major producers from the world.
    Moreover we are managing the creation laboratory
    which supports and trains creators
    producing contents for all over the world.
  • Platform StoryFrom around the world to the TONGRO’s platforms We are always ready to enjoy
    the dynamic market changes of the digital era.
    In 2000 our image library, “Imagekorea”, was launched.
    According to the changes of the market, we embarked
    the first Korean subscription websites, “Clipartkorea","Imagetoday”
    for the designer and graphic creator customers.
    Since the launch, they have been top ranked in Korea market.
  • The numbers of website visitors

Service Platform

Top ranked in
No. 1

Top-ranked 8 years running from 2010 to 2018 in
Korean Top subscription image website


Premium local image of professional Korean photographer
Premium collection from 30 global contributors
Operating high-quality RF image without extra charge


Unlimited downloads of the copyrighted image for 24 hours
Illustration/Photo/Design sources/Web template/ PPT/ Font/ Sound

60,000 / 250,000

60,000 daily visitors and 2.5 million page views

First ever in Korea

The first design source and service of footage, 3D contents in Korean market

77 million

77 million of global premium contents


1,000 images daily update
30,000 trendy images monthly update

User convenience

Optimized capacity, separable layer of design source, Non-text JPG and PNG
Professional contents for designer’s convenience

Single Library

The only one single library business website
in TongRo Images Inc.

19 years

Nineteen years of management know-how and
license consulting service

Largest local contents

Weekly update of local model and landscape images

Editorial images

The largest volume of editorial images among
TongRo's website