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TongRo Images is looking for qualified photographers and partners to work with us.
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You can be a contributor if you create your own content that can be used for commercial purposes.
Become TongRo Images’ contributor by simply signing up. (Make sure you read the Terms of Services thoroughly when signing up)

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Portfolio review

Upload your portfolio containing from 20 to 50 images that are suitable for stock image distribution or put the web address of your portfolio.

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Portfolio approval

Your account will be approved or refused after the internal review of the provided portfolio.
The portfolio is the most important part for the review.

Contents upload

Log in and upload your content on the contributor website ( after your account is approved.
Make sure you read the Upload Guidelines before you upload content.

Upload Guidelines
Contents approval

After the review of the uploaded content by the curators, only the selected content will be approved.
It will take up to seven days for the images to be distributed on TongRo Images’ subscription website (ClipartKorea or ImageToday) after the approval.
Make sure you read the Upload Guidelines before you upload content.

Upload Guidelines
Contents sales and payment

We provide a sales report on the 15th of the following month for contents that have been subscribed or sold on the websites.
The payment will be processed on the 5th of the following month after the total royalty reaches the minimum payout amount.
The royalty amount can be found on sales report page accordingly.

Contact Information

Photography, Illustration, Icon, 3D Graphic, Footage International Relations Team +82-2-2270-1790

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