Tongro Images

We open the future of K-content with creative content and technology-based platforms. TongRo Images is leading the image industry with creators in various fields by becoming more competitive through creation of user-friendly stock images and innovative content platforms so that anyone can easily use digital images, which is a visual language.

Since its establishment in 1995, we have introduced a stock content subscription system for the first time in Korea along with the changes in diverse digital media technologies and have been providing the membership service since 2003. It is a global content platform company that owns the most popular image websites in the market, ClipartKorea, and ImageToday.

TongRo Images owns distinguished premium contents and one million IP (Intellectual Property Rights). Furthermore, we are pursuing transformation and innovation of the image search platform through continuous research and development such as image search algorithm, big data analysis, machine learning, and so on.

We prepare digital image blockchain technology based on our content capabilities with the largest number of intellectual property rights in Korea, pursue transformation and innovation of the content platform through research and development of the future technologies, and open the future of K-content with various creators.
CEO Choul Jib Lee
TongRo Images has been focusing on creative content for 25 years.
  • 2023

    11Renewal open of ClipartKorea

    09Launched Video Template service in ClipartKorea

    07The 2nd TongRo Images Creative Awards 2023

    02Donated to Korean Red Cross for emergency relief of the earthquake victims in Türkiye

    02Semi-renewal of the ClipartKorea websiteLaunched

    01the "One-person Youtube Creator" license plan on ClipartKorea

  • 2022

    12Renewal open of ImageKorea (

    07Copyright registered by Korea Copyright Commission for additional 169,000 contents

    07Launched GIF service in ClipartKorea

    05The 1st TongRo Images Creative Awards 2022

    03Awarded Exemplary Taxpayer Prize from National Tax Service Commissioner

    03Donation to emergency relief fund-raising for Ukraine through Korean Red Cross

    01Launched Motion Graphic service in ClipartKorea

  • 2021

    08Established the video production team

  • 2020

    10TongRo's 25th Anniversary

    07Copyright registered by Korea Copyright Commission for additional 72,000 contents

    02Launched a self developed system CMS (Contributor Management System)

  • 2019

    12Copyright registered by Korea Copyright Commission for 720,000 contents

    11Exclusive distribution partnership for Mainland China with Tuchong of ByteDance Group

    03Opened ClipartKorea mobile service

  • 2018

    09Launched Video service in ClipartKorea

    04“Hidden Champion corporate” certified by Ministry of Employment and Labor

    01Launched Video Music service in ImageToday

    01Opened API contributing service

  • 2017

    03Launched Premium Single service in ClipartKorea

  • 2016

    08Distribution partnership with Panthermedia

    05Registered as a CEPIC member

    02Contribution partnership with Yestone

    01Footage contribution to Videoblocks and Motion elements

  • 2015

    12Acquisition of IDreamstock collection

    04Contribution partnership with Stockfood

    02Contribution partnership with Gaopin Images

  • 2014

    09Distribution partnership with Lookfoto

    08Distribution partnership with Mary Evans

    07Distribution partnership with Danita Delimont

    06Distribution partnership with Fotomedia

    01UNICEF Donation for Philippines emergency relief

  • 2013

    12UNICEF Donation for Philippines emergency relief

    11isoCertified ISO 9001 Quality management system

    10Contribution partnership with Dtacraft

    09Distribution partnership with DPA and Ullsteinblid

    08Distribution partnership with Maondadori

    07Distribution partnership with FLPA

    06Contribution partnership with PIXTA

    04kiboCertified Startup by Korea Technology Finance Corporation

    02koitaEstablished TongRo Images Digital Laboratory (Certified by Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    01Exclusive contribution partnership of The Agency Collection with Getty Images

  • 2012

    09Distribution partnership with Candybox Images

    07Contribution partnership with Getty Images and iStockphoto

    05Contribution partnership with Shutterstock

    04Launched Amana RF image service

    01Incorporation of going business and trademark change into "TongRo Images Inc."

  • 2011

    02Launched Sound gallery on Clipartkorea

    02Launched Full HD Video gallery on Imagetoday

    01Launched Clipartkorea package for institution

  • 2010

    12Contribution partnership with Getty Images – Thinkstock

    12Korea distribution partnership with 11 global brands including Science Photo Library

    10License change of Gold Wave collection into RM

    06Launched Gold Wave2 collection in Corbis

    01Launched Gold Wave collection in Corbis

  • 2009

    12Distribution partnership with Biosphoto

    09Distribution partnership with BSIP

    09Renewal open of ClipartKorea and ImageToday

    06Contribution partnership with Getty Images

    04Online clipart contents vendor contract with Microsoft Office

    04Distribution partnership with Agefotostock(Pixtal)

    04Contribution partnership with Panthermedia

    02Distribution partnership with TopFoto

    01Released Gold Wave collection

  • 2008

    07Distribution partnership with Photo12

    07Distribution partnership with IAM-Unique Dimension (Flight collection)

    06Office relocation to TongRo Images Stock building

    05Contribution partnership with AFLO

    04Distribution partnership with Driveimages

    04Contribution partnership with Imaginechina

  • 2007

    11Distribution partnership with View Pictures

    10Distribution partnership with Red Cover

    06Distribution partnership with First Light

    06Released GoldPix

  • 2006

    08Distribution partnership with Veer

    07Contribution partnership with Corbis

    06Distribution partnership with Photographer’s choice, National Geographic, Getty images

    05Released Foodicon and Benature